Steps in Registering as a Vendor

1. Navigate to the account page, go to the register form and select i am a vendor.

2. Fill in the registration form correctly with your details and click on register.

3. Then the page above will show up follow the instructions and fill in your details correctly

4. After Following all the instructions, it will then brings you to your dashboard.

5. To access the awesome features on your dashboard, tap on the three dash to drop down the features.

Steps in Uploading Products

1. Tap on the product to bring out the page for upload.

2. Then a page above will come up, Tap on add product.

3. Select the Product by tapping on the upload cover image and input the product details correctly, by following the form. NB: Discount price is a price set aside for sales different for the normal price

4. Then select either.

i. create product: this is when you are not adding any new product

ii. create & add new: this is when you are adding another product continuously.

5. then it will take you to the page where all product can be seen, where all your product uploaded will be listed.
NB: You product will be listed for review before approval

Steps in Checking for item on order

1. Tap on the order, then items on order will be seen.

2. Then a page above will be seen on your screen.

3. Tap on the eye button, it will take you to the customers information to see their billing address

4. The customers information will be available there for your safe delivery

5. confirm the order once again, by contacting the customer,
i. Delivery amount isn’t stated there (so you are expected to inform the customer on delivery amount, determined by the distance), and it is meant to be collected on any delivery, either Payment on delivery or Payment online.
ii. Note there are two payment option(and it is determined by the customer selection on mode of payment):-

Payment On Delivery: This is the process where as the customer make payment on spot of your delivery. On this aspect we don’t receive any percentage rate from the seller.
Payment Online:
This is done where as the Customer make the payment online, we receive the money in our account, after you deliver to the customer,  you complete the status of your order to completed, you can request for a withdraw, then you wait for some hours (e.g maximum of 12hrs) for us to confirm if the customer has receive the goods safely, then it will be deposited instantly to your Available bank account.
NB: i.
We charge a percentage of 20% on any payment done via online.
ii. Tell your Customers to give you rating, so this can help your sales moves faster & grow wider