October 22, 2020

About US

Shopzlend is a 100% electronic shop that allows you to have access to an e-store, where you can upload your goods and services as many as possible, which connect you to customers across the world, with just #5000 for First Six month.

Merit/Advantages of Shopzlend

  • You will be given access to a personal website inform of store(e-store)e.g. Ade collection will be given a website under Shopzlend as: Ade.shopzlend.com
    with the user name and password where you will have access to upload your new available stocks
  • It saves you data from daily posting on your Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp Handles.
  • It Avoids you been muted by friends on your contact list, when you upload a lot of post on your WhatsApp Status.
  • It Allows to meet new customers
  • It helps your business wings to grow wider
  • A PDF document will be given to you on how to use WhatsApp broadly on business and how to Upload your new stocks
  • We will help you to Manage, promote and Maintain your business  
  • You will be given a personal email for your business e.g. Ade@Shopzlend.com
  • Customers are been drawn closer to you
  • Promotion and advert will be run for your business across all platform to increase your daily sales.

Steps on how to purchase goods from a shop

  1. Visit the shop you want to purchase a goods from
  2. Check the goods you want to purchase, description and the price
  3. Save the image
  4. Chat up the owner of the shop on either WhatsApp, Instagram, telegram or twitter (if any of the medium is available {WhatsApp More Preferable}), The user profile will be uploaded in there contact page
  5. Then make the final transaction with the owner of the shop


  1.  There are different shops with different price on what you are about to purchase, take your time to check the shops and goods you are about to purchase
  2. If there are any complaints about a shop kindly complain on the shop page on the main websites  
  3. Kindly Rate any shop (not required )

Terms and Conditions

  • Once payment is done, it is not refundable
  • It will take less than or 24hrs for your shop to be up after the payment have been made
  • Two different Person cannot share the same name for a shop
  • Your shop Rented will only last for 6 months after then another payment will be done for the next six months
  • Payment beyond six months is allowed
  • we will be sharing a document on how to upload stocks online with you, (we are not uploading stocks for user)
  • The Shop will be managed by the organization
  • Follow the instruction on the document and don’t move beyond that in your admin page
  • Any Damages caused will attract extra fee (depending on how much the damages will cost)
  • Don’t share the document, Username and Password with anyone
  • Shopzlend is less concerned about the transaction between a customer and a Shop owner
  • If there are any complaints about your shop (we will have a conversation related to the issues)
  • You will be reminded two weeks before your shop due date
  • You will be giving grace of one week to pay up for the shop rent before your shop is been closed down