How to purchase an item from a store

1. Select any product you wanna purchase you can select as many as possible, then click on the bag icon at the top
NB: any item you determine to buy each seller will receive their order differently.

2. The page above will be shown where you can re-check all your item you want to purchase.

3. After that scroll down to proceed to check out by clicking on it

4. Then add your billing information, which is the location in which you want all the items to be delivered to.

5. After that you can Proceed to payment,
There are two Option in the payment:-
i. Payment on delivery: This is carried out where by the Vendor receive his/her payment immediately the item is delivered to you on spot
NB: We are not fully responsible on payment or item issue over payment on delivery.

ii. Payment Online: This is carried out where by the payment is been done online via payment gateway.
NB: We are 70% involved in this Transaction, due to fact that we receive the payment first, then after the vendor deliver to you, we contact you to ask for confirmation of the item delivered if they are in good shape , delivered, or completed, then after that we the make payment to the vendor. If the item is not okay we have the duration of 12hrs before making the payment to the vendor, which means we can refund you easily if they are bad.
But the Vendor also must have testify to it and also receive his/her item back.

6.proceed to place order and await a contact from the vendor to confirm the item you order for once again.

7. You can likely log in as customer in the account section to give rating to the vendor.